Your Phone’s Security Turning Against You?

Our smartphones have pretty much become handheld computer through which we carry out all kinds of activities, anyone’s smartphone is bound to carry a variety of vital and sensitive data that needs to be kept safe and intact at all times. Since smartphones are designed to be really portable, they also become easier to misplace or lose, a lost or stolen smartphone basically means that all the data on the device becomes accessible by malicious parties. This data can range from a bunch of photos, important documents to even your passwords and credit card credentials.

Fortunately, smartphone OS developers like Google and Apple take these sort of threats into account and sets certain measures in place, for example; Google has introduced a feature that enables people to remotely factory reset their devices through the Google account that they have enabled on that device. Now, this feature can come in really handy for anyone wanting to safeguard their data, however, not everyone is great at remembering their account credentials, and anyone who does not remember the password of the relevant account will not be able to reset their devices.

For people who have a hard time remembering old passwords, FRP bypass exists; an app that lets you bypass Google’s verification check and lets you reset your device without needing to be able to access your account. Now, you cannot find this app on the Playstore since it has not been made available there, however, you can download its APK from FRP Bypass APK and get detailed instructions on how to use the app to keep your data safe. You can find out all that you need to know about this app at its website and figure out whether it can help your situation or not.