What You Can Do With a VPN

We can’t say this enough but you don’t have to have special internet usage to need a VPN. In fact, we think that as long as a person is using the internet, they should have some sort of a VPN service available to them. You don’t necessarily need a VPN to use the internet but by having one, you can really enhance your web surfing experience.

To make things simpler, the two main benefits of a VPN service are as follows; you’re secure and you can browse without being spied on and you can explore areas of the internet that you’re not connected to physically on your LAN. You can learn more about what an open source VPN can help you do over at http://norskelan.online as well. Here are some everyday things you can do with a VPN.

Download Without Trouble

Yes, there’s a thing such as illegal downloads which are highly frowned upon. But the trouble is that sometimes you could be using a torrent client to download something that’s perfectly legal and still get into trouble for it. You can prevent this trouble and avoid being fined heavily or thrown behind the bars by using a VPN to mask your activity from companies that are on a witch hunt for everyone with torrent clients installed.

Region Free Browsing

Your LAN is so called because it’s a physically restricted network according to your local area. This means that you can’t access resources that you aren’t linked to by your network. However, with a trusty VPN available to you, you can browse wherever you want. You could even watch your favourite shows and games as they air which you couldn’t do otherwise because of regional restrictions.