What is Chronic Pain And How Do I Know If I Have It?

Chronic pain or persistent pain is basically any pain that you have in your muscle tissues that lasts for more than 3 months. This pain is usually not recurrent because of the actual damage in your tissues or muscles which signals the brain but rather a signal sent out by the nervous system due to the damage caused in the nerves by the extended period of painful injury.

By 12 weeks, most muscular injuries recover with the right medication, proper treatment, right body mobility and the correct care taken. After the recovery, it can still leave its symptoms of pain, which, the brain is fully responsible for.

Do You Have It?
If you have had a serious injury in the past couple of months and it has already been a long time since you recovered but the pain still seems to emerge every time you involve in a certain activity, it is highly likely that you might be suffering from a chronic pain.

I myself suffered from a chronic pain which I did not realize until after being educated about the existence of such a pain. It is important for everyone to have knowledge about what this pain is in order for them to look at it from this new perspective and evaluate the current standing of their pain.

However, chronic or persistent pain is not incurable. The best place to go to, if you think you have such a pain, will be to consult the osteopath Bondi Junction for those living in Australia. Luke Rickards Osteopath have the right treatment, the correct approach to view your condition from a broad perspective first, and can help people with chronic pains. A lot of patients have shown tremendous levels of recovery.