Top Cat Fountains

Automatic cat water fountains are all the rage with cat owners these days. It really is not that you do not absolutely adore your feline friends, I know I do, but it is more about me being busy, having to run errands and in all that mess forgetting to change the water bowl for the cat. It always leaves me feeling really guilty when it happens and I would love anything that helps me prevent it from happening again. This is where automatic cat water fountains come in.

You fill them up with fresh water once and then they will provide your pet cat with a steady supply of fresh water. You can go from really low tech to really high tech automatic cat water fountains, depending on how much you want to spend on this. While none of these will cost you more than 40 dollars, the cheapest ones will cost you as little as 13 dollars.

Again it all depends on your needs and your own affordability and what you prefer. Kitty Coaching has a list up of some of the best automatic cat water dispensers and fountains around, both electronic and otherwise, and has the pros and the cons of them all compared to each other. You can make your decision based on how much water you want the fountain or dispenser to hold or you could make a choice based on how easy the set up is, or even base it on the ability of the dispenser to clean the water you want your cat to drink. Some of the electrical fountains can even use a carbon filter to oxidize and clean the water for your cat. Other low tech ones are merely an upturned bottle that slowly releases water as your cat drinks from the bowl.