Things You Should Never Do When Hiring an Estate Agent

It is safe to say that when you have to sell a property, or getting one, often people turn to estate agent Leyton because they are in search of a professional who can help them. It is pretty natural way of dealing with something, there’s nothing wrong with it.

Sure you are paying a third party some amount of money to speed up the process and guide you through it as well, but you aren’t breaking the law. These personnel are highly trained and skilled individuals in the fields of selling and buying of properties, so it is only natural that they will aid you in the best way possible.

There are a couple of mistakes that you should totally avoid when hiring, let’s check a couple of them out, shall we?

Not Asking Them About Previous Clients
Previous clients can shed too much of information on a person’s work history and success rate. For example, would you trust a surgeon who’s never done a surgery before, or would you go for someone who is an experienced surgeon? Keeping this in mind, always ask about their previous clients, and ask them if you can get in touch with them to talk.

Not Discussing Payment Methods
Not every agent you hire will charge you in the same way, some of them have a standard, one-time, flat fee. While some of them charge you a percentage of the sale or the purchase you make. It is important to avoid this mistake is because if you don’t ask this question, you might end up in confusion that you don’t want to end up in.

It’s just better to ask beforehand so you can decide how you need to handle the situation in the end.