The Wonders a Single Web Mag Can Do

Sure, we all use social media in one form or the other but really, if you stop and just thing about the impact it has on people’s lives, one begins to fully appreciate how amazing social media can really be. Yes, you find funny memes and videos offer entertainment online as well but that’s not all you see; even if you pull out your smartphone and open an app for entertainment, you’ll find some kind of information on the side that will update you on what’s going on around you.

In the small village of Stockton Heath, a single web mag has really helped a community of over 6000 people grow in both size and as a community. Stockton Heath was a nice little place before the magazine went online, but thanks to how well it spread information and the living experience you can expect at Stockton Heath, the village has received hundreds of new visitors more than before. Because of the influx of people visiting the village, new businesses are opening here almost every day. This not only makes the village more interesting to visitors, but it also improves the quality of life for those who already live there. There’s not lots more to do around the place than ever before; there are new places to eat at, there are places to shop and hang out with friends and family at as well.

Inviting new business and improving the overall lifestyle of Stockton Heath was one thing; the online So Stockton Heath magazine also helps community members and visitors alike to stay in touch with all the interesting activities around the place – if you’re in Stockton Heath and you feel bored, you just need to log onto the website and you’ll immediately know what’s new.