Sustainable And Functional Cabinets

If you want your kitchen to be redesigned then you might want to give a call to Philippe Signer from Eco Cabinets Perth to come on in and make you an eco friendly yet affordable cabinet set specifically made to suit your kitchen. Philippe Signer and his team at Eco Cabinets Perth are all qualified and experienced designers that have a love for the environment and want to bring that love in to their work.

They create a lot of different custom designs that are extremely functional and well made but are also made out of products that are sustainable and their production does not harm the environment. The aim of the Eco Cabinets team is to give you beautiful cabinets that have been made from the highest quality and environmentally friendly items available.

The team does their work in a unique manner, they can build you a completely new kitchen that will refocus the entire space to be functional and easy to use, or you can give them a general idea or layout of how you want your kitchen to look and they can build up on that idea and discuss changes and tweaks with you. The aim of it all is to know exactly how you will be using this space and then shaping it to provide you with good access and easy movement. So no part of the planning process is actually done without having an understanding of what the client wants or needs. Once the plan has been created according to the aesthetic and practical needs of the client the colours, tiles, materials, and fixtures are discussed. By making sure that the client is involved in the early stages of the planning and material decision phase, misunderstandings and problems can be avoided later on to avoid delays.