Putting a Spring in Your Step

For the people who are unfamiliar with things like jump shoes or moon boots, they are basically shoes or boots that have a jump mechanism added to their bottom and they can help propel a person higher an farther when they jump around or walk. In a way moon boots or jump shoes are mini trampolines that you can wear on your feet and move around in. They initially got the name ‘moon boots’ because of the mood landing and how Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin were bouncing around on the moon because of low gravity.

These types of shoes were initially made in the 1950s as something being marketed to children as a fun toy. The idea was for kids to wear them outside and jump around and have fun. However, ever since then jump shoes have come a long way and have had changes in their design to also suit adults and even help those with chronic back pain or aching feet reduce pain when they move around. The design has been changed to suit more people so that it is easier to use without falling over and so people have started using jump shoes to get more exercise as well.

Using moon boots to walk around and move not only helps you burn more calories and help tone your muscles than running or jogging ever could, but it is also easier on your joints and do not put as much pressure on the body as running would. This has since been used as a way for athletes with leg or joint injuries to stay in shape as they recover to full health and has even been used by many as a method of losing weight quicker. You can even get different types of boots so that it suits your personal needs.