Perth’s Male Tummy Tuck Specialists

When we think about cosmetic surgery, we mostly think that it is a branch of medicine that is largely reserved for females, however there are a variety of cosmetic procedures out there that can men can also undergo to improve their overall looks. The tummy tuck procedure (AKA abdominoplasty) is one that is popular amongst men and women since this procedure can instantly get rid of stubborn fat in the abdominal area and get rid of loose muscles and excess skin. This procedure is usually recommended to people who have a hard time reducing their belly size.

As we grow older our body’s ability to properly burn fat declines, this leads to fat pockets forming in the gut area that are often impossible to get rid of, these fat pockets combined with loose abdominal muscles and sagging skin can really make one’s stomach area look inflated. Abdominoplasty is a simple enough procedure that simply cuts away everything that is making one’s belly look big, the procedure requires incisions to be made and also takes a bit of time before it is fully healed.

This procedure usually takes around three hours and once completed, the healing time can vary from three to four weeks, during this time an abdominal brace is worn to aid in healing and you are advised not to do any strenuous tasks. Sculpt Surgery is Perth’s best cosmetic clinic for men, their trained and experienced surgeons can carry out superb tummy tuck procedures in a controlled environment with the best tools at their disposal. You can get all the details of their procedure at and ask their team any questions that you might have about the procedure over here as well. Sculpt can help you sculpt your body the way you want to.