Optimum Gaming Comfort

Back in the early 2000s, if your parents were rick enough to buy you a DXRacer gaming chair for you to sit and play Need For Speed in, then you were automatically the cooler (but still geeky) kid on the block. These chairs were the first to acknowledge that there are many gamers around the world who sit uncomfortably in front of their PCs for long hours at a time and for a long time, there weren’t many alternatives to do the same thing.

Though DXRacer had their head start on the gaming chair business, the situation with PC gaming is much different these days. There are many players in the market now that spend all their R&D into making the PC gaming experience even better for their customers and naturally, this means that we have many alternatives to DXRacer out there now. Even though we have a lot of great alternatives that are much cheaper than DXRacer, since they already stole the gaming chair aesthetic back in 2001, almost every newer gaming chair looks like a DXRacer knockoff at some level. All of these gaming seats boast edgy race car interior designs, true to the DXRacer name but a lot of the newer chairs offer better ergonomics and comfort than the original ones.

These gaming chairs will not only just complement the aesthetics of your gaming rig – your back will thank you for getting one. Office chairs are meant to be comfortable but they aren’t meant to make you so comfortable that you fall asleep at work. However, since no one has ever fallen asleep while gaming, having an ultra-comfortable DXRacer knockoff can really improve your gaming experience. Check out these modern day alternatives to the cool-kid gaming chair now over at https://www.workwithpleasure.com/dxracer-alternative/.