Manuka 101: Interesting Facts About Manuka Honey

For all the people who might be considering investing in a jar of Manuka honey, it is best that you get yourself familiarized with the product beforehand before you jump into the process of buying it. Although it has a lot of great things that it can achieve it is best to be sure about the things that you buy. Of course people can be allergic to it too and that is why we would like people to be careful and do their research before they buy this jar of honey because we will be real with you and tell you that Manuka honey does not come cheap. Although it has a ton of benefits it is quite expensive and sometimes very difficult to get your hands on as well. However, if you plan on buying it then we would like to suggest you that you visit this website and check it out for yourself. Following are some of the most interesting facts about Manuka honey that you should know about, check them out below.

There Exists No Such thing as Manuka Bees
There is a big misconception in the minds of people that the honey that we call Manuka is actually produced by Manuka bees, but the truth is that there is no such thing as Manuka bees, the bees are all one and the same, it is the plant that they use to produce honey which is known as Manuka honey and it is found in new Zealand only.

A very interesting thing about Manuka honey is that it does not correlate with the theory of gravity that newton had proposed because if you take some of it on a spoon and turn it towards the ground it will not fall off and remain stuck to the spoon.