Know Your Foot Type

People seem to have an inclination to choose something that will make them look good even if that item is horribly uncomfortable. We have seen too many people go for awful shoes just because it made their feet look good, add a couple of inches to the height, made their body shape more prominent and many other such things. If you ask them to forget about the look of the shoes and just concentrate on comfort that everyone will tell you that 90% of the shoe wear they own causes them discomfort or pain which is mind boggling because they do nothing to change the fact.

Even if you have no feet ailment, we still feel that you should go to an orthotic and get the perfect shoes made for you. When the world is so advanced that you can get custom made comfortable foot wear for yourself then why wear shoes that cause pain and might develop body issues?

You can get orthotic services at an orthotic clinic so look for one in your area but if you cannot wait long enough to visit and wish to know the type of your foot right now then you are in luck because we will be talking about it. We would like to mention that knowing your foot type is the first step and the rest of steps can only be taken by an orthotic.

Normal Arch

This is a nicely balanced sort of feet because the heel and forefoot are such that they equally distribute the body weight, shock and kinetic tension of the legs.

High Arch

The arch is higher than normal which causes the heel to take more pressure than the forefoot.

Low Arch

There is little to no arch at all which puts the body weight on the inside of the feet.