Inspecting Drains The Smart Way

Having to deal with a blocked drain can be very troublesome and in most of the cases, you won’t even know that your drain is blocked until it rains heavily one day and you’re suddenly surrounded by dirty water. This dirty water can very quickly stagnate and start to stink real bad – something that you wouldn’t ever have to worry about if you keep your drains maintained and unclogged.

Now, if you have a faulty drain in your area, it’s most probably due to something that wasn’t supposed to be down there getting stuck in the passage. Leaves, garbage and even fat can collect in drains and block them over time. However, in some cases there could be bigger problems down there as well; sometimes drain pipes collapse and compromise the entire drainage passage before the point of collapse.

There’s no way of telling what’s going on in a drain unless we have visual confirmation. Drainage companies offer drain survey services just so that they can be sure about what went wrong with a drain before they try to fix it. Cameras are introduced into drainage passages to look for the fault from the surface, after this is done the company can make a formal report of the case and then figure out the best way to fix it.

If there’s junk of any kind blocking the drain, they can clean it out using high water pressure and chemical solutions and later include future prevention methods in the report. However, if there’s a collapsed drain problem at hand then it’s even more important to be sure of it through drain survey before the digging and replacement process can begin and cause major inconvenience for everyone in the area.