HIAB Trucks And More By Gecko Logistics

Perth is filled with numerous logistics companies, all of which can help you transport your precious cargo, but when it comes to lifting and transporting really heavy cargo then the list of companies that you can go to becomes quite short. The is one of the few companies in Perth that can provide you with reliable and effective transportation services no matter what type of load you need delivered, the company is well-known for its dedication to providing clients with transporting services that are not only safe but are also tailored to meet all of their requirements.

The company has a sizeable fleet of transportation vehicles that are well-maintained and manned by trained and experienced personnel who can take on any kind of job, be it a local transport or an interstate one. The company’s fleet has a number of HIAB trucks as well for clients who need heavy and precious cargo to be loaded and transported, HIAB trucks come with built in cranes on them that enable them to lift loads of up to 6 tons and place them on and off transport vehicles with precision and ease.

HIAB trucks are also great for picking up and dropping off loads at hard to reach places, if you feel like you’re in need of one of these highly versatile transportation vehicles then get in touch with Gecko Logistics Group, they’ll note down all your requirements and once they’ve taken a look at your cargo they’ll come up with a transportation solution just for you. The company has a number of other vehicles at their disposal as well, all of which are kept in their prime condition at all times, in order to learn more about the company, pay them a visit on their website or call them to see how can they help you out.