Helium Spheres & Advertising Blimps Will Get Any Location Noticed

What type of advertising product can deliver visibility from up to 1 mile away— custom helium blimps by Lighthouse Advertising! These advertising blimps are a great eye catcher for the consumer who is passing by and also create massive local awareness for any brand or location. This form of advertising is not only effective but very cost efficient. Advertise your business, increase your sales and build your brand simultaneously with these advertising balloons. Custom create a blimp today using your logo and message, while choosing from our wide array of helium blimp colors.

Fully Customizable Helium Blimp Advertising

Helium Blimps can be used for outdoor or indoor uses including retail locations, trade shows, festivals, parades and many more. Advertising Blimps come in a variety of sizes and colors, and we work closely with our clients to establish the appropriate model and style.  Helium advertising Blimps are made from either nylon or PVC materials and we offer both options. Graphic layouts and renderings come free of charge with all of our advertising blimps as part of our full service package.  All of Lighthouse Advertising’s custom blimps come with all accessories needed and ready to inflate.

Remote Control Blimps

One of Lighthouse Advertising’s premier specialties is Remote Control Blimps.  RC Blimps are one of the most unique, novel and buzz generating marketing tools available.  Lighthouse Advertising has designed and created RC Blimps that have flown in professional arenas and events across the country.  From traditional shaped blimps to fully customizable mascots, logos, and replicas, no project is too unique for our team of blimp specialist.  RC Blimps can be made in a variety of sizes to accommodate trade shows, arenas, and a wide variety of venues.

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