Divorce in The Case of Abuse

There is never any situation where abuse is justified. Now abuse can manifest itself in a marriage in a number of ways. The first and most commonly recognized one is physical abuse or domestic violence. Then there is sexual abuse and lastly there is emotional or verbal abuse; all of which have devastating consequences on your wellbeing and if there are children also involved in the abuse, it accounts for immediate legal action. You can find multiple 60545 attorneys in your area who will be able to provide your assistance and start the proceedings for your divorce.

First of all, if you feel that your life or your children’s life is in danger, you need your lawyer to get you an emergency protective order which will have your spouse evacuate the premises immediately. This can later be turned into a temporary restraining order during the time of the court proceedings. Your lawyer’s number one priority will be your protection here.

Next, you will need to tell your lawyer the truth. This includes any evidence of abuse, narrative accounts and even having to give your testimony at court. In case of domestic violence or physical abuse, any recent injuries, emergency doctor visits etc. all are to be included. Your attorney will further explain which kind of evidence they require so that they are able to represent you properly in court.

In case of child abuse or neglect, child custody and access is the main focus. You can grant your spouse supervised visitations with no overnight stays or you can deny them access altogether and in some cases, even terminate their right as a parent. Ultimately the jury will come to the decision after assessing the evidence provided and what they feel will best benefit the abused. So, do not hesitate to locate 60545 attorneys so that they may help you.