Different Types of Mining Tenements

For all the people out there who do not know, mining tenements are documents that are issued by the authorized organizations to people for the sake of exploration and mining. They are a form of permit or license but they do come with legal guidelines that one needs to follow even after having them. If you are looking for different mining tenement organizations that will help you in getting them you need to also see which type will suit you.

Yes, there are multiple categories of mining tenements from which you can easily select the one that will suit you according to your needs or nature of your business. These tenements tend to vary on the basis of the level, depth or exploration that your mining business is interested in. Austwide tenement mining services is one of the best and the most recommended place if you ever want to obtain a tenement. Following are some of the different types of mining tenements that you should know about, check them out below.

Prospecting Permit

According to this permit and organization has the authority to hand mine a variety of different mineral except for coal, for which you will have to get a separate permit and this permit lasts for three months. However, in different states this might vary and can be expired according to the will of the landowner, they can make it last for a month or half a year depending on their will.

Exploration Permit

This kind of permit is granted to the people for almost up to 5 years max, giving them permission to explore lands and assess the kinds of minerals and their quantities as well, along with their quality too. Testing, prospecting and sampling is a allowed within this permit but not drilling.