Causes of Agraphobia

Agraphobia is not a very well known phobia. Many people tend to confuse it with Agoraphobia, which is the fear of being in a situation or in a place that might cause you some sort of panic or anxiety (which can be things like crowded areas or wide open spaces), because of how similar they sound but there is a huge difference in the two. Agraphobia is the fear of being sexually abused. Now while the threat of sexual abuse, particularly to women all over the world, is an understood reason for why someone might be particularly afraid of the situation and that they would act in ways that would help them be in a position to not let it happen.

However, the fear of sexual abuse in the form of a phobia means that it is a fear that is taken to an unnatural and irrational level. The extreme fear of sexual abuse can be brought on by a number of things and in this article we will be talking about some of the causes for this phobia that people might experience if they have it, you can also learn more about this phobia here if you want a more detailed explanation of the topic.

Now this phobia is an isolated phobia, meaning it has its roots back in an injury or a trauma that a person may have experienced when they were much younger. For many people who suffer from this phobia of sexual abuse there has been at least one incident in history where they have been affected by sexual abuse which triggers the phobia. Alternatively, some people are affected by consistent and insistent warning by parents and constant advice on how the person can avoid sexual abuse. This can also create a strong phobia in the person.