Buy a Band Saw With Features Suited Perfectly For Your Work

We are going to talk about the different features of the band saw and with reading every point, you should note them down as it will help you when you are shopping for the saw. If you have no idea what that machine is or if you want to gather more information about it then simply check out Sawist here and you would be happy to find out the amount of information available there as it will answer all of yours questions.

Motor Power

As the name itself suggests, this is the power that the motor of the machine would be providing which means that it is a very important component of the saw as it is the power that you will be getting to work with. In the community of woodworkers, it is said to go for a band saw that has a motor power of 2 HP but if you do woodwork as a hobby and do not indulge in serious projects of heavy load then a 1 HP band saw would be perfect for you. You need to remember that it is always a better idea to get a machine with a large motor because when it will run at a lower work load, its life will not be affected but if you buy a band saw with a small motor running at a higher work load, the life will decrease significantly.

Throat Size

The throat size is also known as the cutting width of the saw so this is an important feature because you should choose a cutting width according to the types of projects that you generally do and you should know that there are some band saws that will allow you to switch blades to get a narrow cutting width.