Benefits of uPVC Over Other Glass

Having large windows and glass doors can make your house feel much more open and lively but given how hot the Australian summers can be, these can also be a curse upon your house. Big windows let in a lot of natural day light but at the same time they also let in a lot of heat. Glass doors may make your place look more open but at the same time, they let your air conditioning escape.

The good news is that you don’t have to give up on glass windows and doors just to save yourself from all this trouble – you just need better uPVC glass instead. You can learn more about uPVC in Australia at Here are some benefits of double glazed uPVC glass windows and doors.

Great Insulation

Unlike most glass that lets heat in and out of your home, uPVC glass panels keep your air conditioning in and the heat from the outside out. This way, you can save a lot of money on your monthly heating and cooling bills.

Sound Proofing

The streets can get really noisy sometimes, which is really troublesome for those of us who just want to enjoy peace and quiet at home. However, with uPVC glass panels, you can keep 80% of all that noise outside. Having this in your glass doors can help you keep the noise at home away from you when you want to rest as well.


uPVC is twice as durable as ordinary glass is in the long run. It’s way less prone to fading and is resistant to scratches and rot. Nothing makes a place look duller than worn out glass but with uPVC your windows and doors will look fresh for years and years.