Be Smart During a Hit And Run Accident

Anyone at any time and anywhere can become the victim of a hit and run accident which is why we would recommend that all of you read this article as it will provide information on how to handle the situation properly so that you do not suffer a huge loss. A hit and run accident is one when one party hits the other party with a vehicle (who can be either in a vehicle or foot) and runs away.

It is actually a felony in most countries because if someone hits any person then it is the responsibility of the person at fault to actually stop at the scene of the accident, help the person who has been hit and take full responsibility of the action. Often the people who are hit suffer injuries and require being taken to the hospital or their vehicle suffers damage but the accuser runs away and makes it a hit and run accident. If such a thing happens to you then it is necessary that you go to a law firm like Macgillivray but before you do that, here are the steps that you should follow if you are ever involved in such an accident.

Assessment of Injury

The first and most important thing to do is to assess whether you have been injured or not. If the answer is yes and it is serious then you should immediately call an ambulance and go to the hospital.

Gather Evidence

If you are conscious then it is time to gather evidence by writing down the license plate of the opposite party’s car and other details too and it is best to take a picture.

Witnesses And Report

Find witnesses and get their contact details and report the accident with all the evidence.